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  • MediNatura T-Relief Extra Strength Pain Relief 100t MediNatura Professional
  • MediNatura T-Relief Extra Strength Pain Relief 100t MediNatura Professional
  • MediNatura T-Relief Extra Strength Pain Relief 100t MediNatura Professional
  • MediNatura T-Relief Extra Strength Pain Relief 100t MediNatura Professional

T-Relief Extra Strength Pain Relief 100t MediNatura Professional

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T-Relief has Arnica, a plant that has relieved pain for centuries, plus 12 pain-relieving plants to provide more relief to more pains. Extra strength formula has 50% more of each of the 13 powerful plants than regular T-Relief.

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Is the pain in your muscles, joints, or nerves killing you? MediNatura’s T-Relief Extra Strength pain relief tablets provide the perfect remedy. It’s a natural, plant-based, homeopathic medicine that is safe and extremely potent for pain relief. 

T-Relief Extra Strength tablets provide relief from different types of pain ranging from minor to moderate and temporary. Whether it is sore backs, painful knees, sciatica, or arthritis pain, our over-the-counter T-relief extra strength pain remedy can tackle it effectively. 

Additionally,  if you’re experiencing muscle soreness or pain in the neck or the pain from TMJ, T-Relief can help provide potent, fast, and lasting relief. Even for shin splints - acute pain that arises from prolonged running on hard surfaces - T-Relief Extra Strength tablets provide powerful relief. 

The beauty of our pain relieving solutions are that they consist of natural active ingredients. Organic and wild-harvested plants that abound in nature and provide a plethora of medicinal benefits. Unlike non-natural pain relief drugs like ibuprofen, aspirin, naproxen, and others that rely on synthetic compounds to alleviate pain, our T-Relief Extra Strength tablets are free from artificial active ingredients that have potentially negative side effects. 

The natural active ingredients in our remedies support your body’s natural healing process and provide a higher level of relief from various types of pain. Say no to nausea, GI bleeding, stomach pain, elevated blood pressure and other health risks posed by artificial drugs - choose MediNatura’s natural healing and pain easing solutions. 

The added effectiveness of T-Relief Extra Strength stems from its powerful formulation. It  contains 50% more of each of the powerful plants that are included in regular strength T-Relief tablets. T-Relief tablets include 12 plants in addition to ultra-powerful Arnica for pain relief. 

Arnica is a plant that has been renowned for its healing and pain relieving properties for centuries, hence its widespread use. Moreover, 12 additional herbs including Chamomilla, Echinacea, Calendula, Hypericum, and others collectively produce lasting pain relief from a wider variety of pains than Arnica alone.  

MediNatura doesn’t believe in pain medications that lead to other side effects in the body. The idea of dealing with pain in a way that leads to other health ailments - minor or severe - doesn’t align with our ethics, values and mission to provide relief without risk. Our founding principle is based on designing safe, natural and plant-based health and wellness solutions that improve your health challenges, not exacerbate or add to them

Our team of expert professionals takes special pride and derives great joy from creating plant-based formulations that free our customers from the debilitating effects of pain and other ailments in a safe manner. Our mission is to help all our customers lead normal, healthy lives and participate in the activities they enjoy. Our carefully crafted natural over-the-counter Rx formulations help us provide relief to millions of people, without risk

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