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  • Xymogen Methylcobalamin 5mg 60t Xymogen
  • Xymogen Methylcobalamin 5mg 60t Xymogen
  • Xymogen Methylcobalamin 5mg 60t Xymogen

Methylcobalamin 5mg 60t Xymogen

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Methylcobalamin has multiple supportive roles in the body, including red blood cell formation, nervous system health, homocysteine and folate metabolism, melatonin synthesis, and more

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Vitamin B12 can be obtained through its synthesis by intestinal flora, from animal-based or fortified foods, or from supplementation. Unlike most other water-soluble vitamins, vitamin B12 (4 to 6 mg) is bound to a protein and stored in the liver as methylcobalamin or 5’-deoxyadenosylcobalamin. These are the coenzyme forms of B12 that are active in human metabolism. Reserve stores of B12 can become depleted due to poor dietary intake without supplementation, lack of intrinsic factor, or poor intestinal absorption.

Red Blood Cell Formation Like folate, erythroblasts require vitamin B12 for proliferation during their differentiation. Insufficient B12 levels will contribute to purine and thymidylate synthesis inhibition, impaired DNA synthesis, and erythroblast apoptosis, resulting in ineffective erythropoiesis.
Sleep Support Methylcobalamin has been reported to affect the primary circadian rhythm associated with sleep. Research supports a role for methylcobalamin supplementation in modulating melatonin secretion, enhancing light-sensitivity, normalizing circadian rhythms, and improving sleep-wake cycles.
Immune Health Research suggests an important role for B12 in immune system regulation. Human research demonstrated that methylcobalamin supplementation in patients with inadequate B12 levels improved CD4/CD8 ratio and NK cell activity, and augmented CD3-CD16+ cells, suggesting an important role in cellular immunity.

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