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  • Xymogen Iron Glycinate 29mg 120c Xymogen
  • Xymogen Iron Glycinate 29mg 120c Xymogen
  • Xymogen Iron Glycinate 29mg 120c Xymogen

Iron Glycinate 29mg 120c Xymogen

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Iron bis-glycinate is a well-studied, 100% fully-reacted, patented form of iron exclusively from Albion® Laboratories.

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The amino acid glycine is actually one of the two starting materials the body uses to synthesize hemoglobin. Therefore, Iron Glycinate™ contributes two key factors. This form of iron has higher bioavailability, lower toxicity, less food reactivity, less food interactions and has a longer shelf life than any other common form of iron.

Ferrous iron is reacted with glycine to form bis-glycinate chelate, a non-electrically charged compound that is totally nutritionally functional. The absence of electrical charge, uncommon for an iron supplement, makes it less likely that Iron Glycinate™ can interfere with absorption of other minerals such as calcium, vitamin E or vitamin C. Iron solubility from iron bis-glycine chelate is not affected by pH changes from 2-6. This means it travels unchanged through the stomach, into the intestine, where it is absorbed and released for transport throughout the body.

Patient compliance with iron bis-glycinate appears to be better than that seen with inorganic forms of iron supplements for two reasons. First, the taste: In a study with 145 pregnant women (that concluded daily supplementation with iron bis-glycinate chelate was significantly more effective even at a lower dose than ferrous sulfate) the percentage of taste complaints among the women given ferrous sulfate was 29.8%, while 0% of the women on the bis-glycinate chelate complained about taste. Second, iron bis-glycinate is less likely to have any of the gastrointestinal side-effects associated with standard iron supplementation.

A published absorption study showed there was a significant correlation between iron absorption of iron bis-glycinate chelate to serum ferritin (r = -0.60, p < 0.03) (The higher the ferritin the lower the absorption and vice versa.) The amount of iron stored in the body regulates iron bis-glycinate chelate absorption. This translates into less chance of toxicity. Another benefit of the bis-glycinate chelate form of iron over other iron supplements is that it doesn’t act as a pro-oxidant.

Iron is an important component of hemoglobin, myoglobin, and ferritin. These proteins are involved in the transport, storage, and release of oxygen to the tissues.

» Supplements Inadequate Dietary Intake of Iron
» Supports Increased Requirement for Iron
» Supports Healthy Ferritin and Hemoglobin Levels