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Wellness Consultations

Obtain recommendations and a personalized plan that encourages and supports your goals for improved health and well-being.

With its many resources, the team at Arcana provides information as well as recommendations for a range of conditions.

High quality nutritional supplements, homeopathy, botanicals and flower essences are offered in a boutique-style pharmacy which is supported by holistic health care professionals, empowering wellness seekers with education, confidence and trust. 

For guidance on complex wellness matters, Arcana's professionals offer private consultations and prescribe holistic integrative plans for a range of conditions.

We offer comprehensive consultations to identify the most appropriate dietary and nutritional supplements for your individual needs.

We also offer individual consultations with holistic modalities utilizing subtle energy medicine including homeopathy, flower essence therapy and Aura-Soma color therapy.


» Brief Assessment & Recommendation

•Low Complexity Assessment & Recommendation

•Requires Less Than 5 Minutes

•May include review of disorder, brief history, muscle testing, nutritional guidance 

•Walk-ins accepted

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